Strategic Goals

The Barrhead Animal Rescue Society (BARS) was established in January 2010, and is dedicated to ensuring the humane treatment of all animals in the Town of Barrhead, the County of Barrhead and surrounding areas.

We provide a safe and nurturing environment for unwanted, abandoned, lost, and mistreated pets until they can be placed into loving homes. Through proactive intervention, public education, fundraising events, and community outreach, the Barrhead Animal Rescue Society seeks to promote respect for all life by breaking the cycle of abuse, neglect, and pet overpopulation in our communities.

The Barrhead Animal Rescue Society is supported through private contributions.


Respect and fairness for animals through compassion, dignity, and humane treatment.

Honesty, trust, commitment, integrity, and professionalism are exhibited by our staff, management, volunteers, and Board Members.

Care and attention through dedication, professional leadership, rational decision-making, and fiscal responsibility.

Respect partnerships and teamwork through cooperation and collaboration

-To develop a program to adopt rescued animals out to good homes.
-Develop a neutering and spaying program for cats and dogs.
-To educate the public on the proper management and care of their pets.
-To develop a youth group through the local school system that parallels our Society’s goals and to educate and mentor this group so that they may make better choices in caring for all animals.
-To assist pet owners that have good intentions but lack the knowledge and or funding to maintain proper health care regimes for their pets.
-To assist those pet owners that due to short term health issues, cannot provide their pets with proper care.
-To become a leader within the community by supporting other groups or societies that have a mandate to care for those in need.

Barrhead Animal Rescue Society

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