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*Snow* DOB July 6, 2022. Really good listening skills and recall. Great with others!

Hello!! My name is Snow, Snowy, Cuddlebug, and Gorgeous Beast! I answer to them all! I’m a very intelligent girl for not even being a whole year old. I listen so well, I always come back when my foster mom calls me.

I currently live with 2 little brothers, they’re much older than me but are so tiny. I play with them so well. I am very gentle. I also live with 2 old grumpy felines. I try to give them love, but I get rejected. Oh well, their loss!

My foster mom thinks I am the sweetest puppy that has ever walked the earth. She may be right. I am quite protective of my foster family. It takes me a few minutes to warm up to others. My foster mum reassures me they’re ok, so I take her word for it and calm right now and let them love me too.

I have not spent a lot of time around little kids. I live with a couple teenagers that are pretty cool but have not really experienced being around anyone under 15. I do believe I’d easily love them too, they just have to be patient with me as I am a little shy at first.

I’m a good eater but never beg or get upset when I don’t get what others are getting. I do get a little nervous about being left in the yard alone, I need some love and patience to be reassured I won’t be left out there all day. I sleep in my kennel like a champ.

I love walks, we go everyday and I’m getting used to seeing all the other people and dogs. I love running through the dog park with my brothers, when I encounter a dog that makes me nervous I go back up my foster mom for comfort and we get through it together and I always get a treat for being such a brave girl. I

I’m a very loving girl, and I know I wouldn’t disappoint anyone who treats me with lots of love, patience, and understanding. I know I am meant to be your best friend for life. If you would like to meet me and see if I’m a good fit for your family . Please fill out the adoption application!

*Snow*          DOB  July 6, 2022.     Really good listening skills and recall.   Great with others!
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