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Hi, I’m Tilly and I was an Edson evacuee.

I just got finished raising my four kittens and I am ready for my forever home. I am a shy and gentle lady, but I can be won over with treats and a scratch. Did I mention I love treats? Food time is my favourite time and it’s a sure way to win my love. I spend most of my time lounging in my room but I have slowly started to explore the rest of the house. I love hanging out in the box of my cat tree and always say hi when someone walks in. I don’t mind being picked up, but it does make me a little nervous- I like to be reassured with gentle talk and more treats.

I am not the biggest fan of the other resident cats so I would be okay with being your only kitty or being adopted with one of my kittens.

I need a quiet household and someone to be patient with me so I can come out of my shell- I promise it will be worth it.

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